Tomás Marques

Tomás Marques was born in Porto in 1988 having started his musical studies at the Óscar da Silva School of Music. He ended up graduating in Composition at the School of Music and Performing Arts of Porto.

During this period he worked with composers such as Eugénio Amorim, Frederic Gifford, Dimitris Andrikopoulos, Carlos Azevedo, Pauline Oliveros, Filipe Vieira and Álvaro Salazar.
As a composer and arranger he has debuted his pieces with the Remix Ensemble Casa da Música, Sinfonieta (ESMAE Orchestra), Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra, Porto Jazz Orchestra and Bandstand Porta-Jazz (HollyMood). He also wrote songs for Edumundo, Mundo Secreto and Souls of Fire.
During his training, he worked in parallel with the study of Brazilian popular music, samba and chorinho, and for this reason he founded the Bamba Social Orchestra in Porto. In addition to being an arranger, he is also the bassist of this orchestra that has performed with musicians like Marcelo D2, Tiago Nacarato and Joyce Candido on several stages and national and international festivals.
In addition, he has been participating as a guitarist and / or bassist in several national and international projects such as Miguel Araújo, Mundo Secreto, Rui Massena, Souls of Fire, Human Chalice, EduMundo and Mishka (USA) and Tiago Nacarato. In this way, he has experienced countless concert halls and music festivals such as the Coliseu do Porto, CCB, Casa da Música, Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Tivoli, Meo Arena, Sudoeste Festival, Marés Vivas, Jazz Festival of the São Luiz Theater, Queima das Ribbons Porto and Coimbra, Expofacic among others.
Some of the international tours went through Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Paris, Bratislava, Corsica, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
He participated as a bass player in recordings of the albums of Souls of Fire, Mundo Secreto, Edumundo, Rui Massena, Tiago Nacarato and Orquestra Bamba Social.
He currently teaches at Oficina-Estúdio Rui Massena (Musical and Guitar Training), Valentim de Carvalho Music School (Combo) and at A Pauta Music Academy (Musical Training).