Academy A PAUTA opened its doors in 1997, in Porto, beginning the specialized teaching of rubbed string instruments based on the philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki, which considers all children capable of learning a musical instrument.

The project is by Joana Seybert Jesus and currently has over 100 young violinists, aged 2 and a half years old.

The Academy integrates in its training activities Suzuki courses of violin and cello specific for children, from 30 months of age, and for adults, as well as studies for advanced students.

Entering the school means recognizing a familiar space with your messages on the walls, your photos on the cork boards and the many drawings posted. From all sides we hear sounds of violins and cellos. There are guidelines and story books perched on tables. There are rules that, once internalized, disappear, because they become an integral part of children’s lives. Discipline is fundamental and makes sense in a teaching that wants excellence. It is a rigorous, punctual school, formal in structure and, at the same time, a school of ties in which each has its own name, from the management to the children.
Academy A PAUTA aims to educate children through music, through excellence in instrumental teaching, but developing human values ​​such as solidarity, self-esteem, rigor, discipline, sharing and the respect for others.
It is a school that takes pride in the commitment established with parents, promoting a close relationship between families and learning. It is a school of effort, dedication and recognition. It is a sensitive school, where each one can develop their personal skills, in relation to the other.