In Person Teaching

Violin and Cello

At A Pauta and all in the same order, parents and students start by learning small popular pieces from the classical baroque and romantic periods. They easily learn to sing and memorise the melodies, thus allowing a faster familiarisation with the instrument. 
Since the parent or guardian will be a teaching partner of both the A Pauta and the student, his or her presence and participation during lessons is mandatory and of extreme importance, particularly in the initial learning steps of the instrument. This allows for high value input during the daily periods of work at home. 
Weekly activities include an individual instrument class and a collective instrument class (“group class”). 
Individual classes may last 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the student’s learning progress, as well as the child’s age in the case of younger students. Our teaching facilitates the ability to concentrate and longer classes become natural with the learning progress. 
Initially, learning our instruments abdicates the score and reading of notes. This facilitates interaction with the teacher, allows for numerous games and exercises and gives priority to the student’s own relationship with the instrument. 
The initiation to musical reading is done with the instrument teacher. From the age of 9, the student has formal music theory training, as a complement to their one-on-one teaching with the instrument teacher. 

Group Class

The learning of the same pieces and in the same order by all students, allows the holding of weekly group classes lasting 30, 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the group level which the student is capable of following.

The groups are organised as follows: 
Pizzigatos (for early beginners) 
Medium Group 
Soloist Group 
Moving up the groups is the result of the gradual evolution of the student. At all times, there is a respect for the student’s natural learning pace. This allows students of different ages to play in the same group. This is of tremendous value in more ways than one. 
All this group work develops students‘ self-confidence, self-esteem and a taste for being heard and to listen, allowing each moment of performance to be shared by everyone with a very special joy. 
Whenever A Pauta receives invitations to participate in extra-curricular activities, it will be the Soloist Group in its entirety, or a selection of these students, representing the school at these events. 
A Pauta’s activities include auditions and recitals with its students (whenever possible on a monthly basis). These are by default open to the general public. 
With a bi-annual periodicity, and as a corollary of the work carried out during two academic years, A Pauta organises a public concert in a prestigious local concert hall (Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal), where all students of the school participate. 


At A Pauta we always aim for the greatest results of our students, developing their learning skills to the maximum. 

A Pauta regularly prepares students who take exams at the Porto Conservatory of Music, as well as at the Trinity College of Music. 

The participation of our students in competitions represents, above all, moments of sharing, commitment and friendship.
However, the number of prizes that our school regularly receives is still remarkable.  

We share the most recent prize winners: 

  • 2019 – Prémio Jovens Músicos (PJM is the most important competition held in Portugal)
    Maria Reis Sá – 1st prize medium level violin 

  • 2019 – 5th Vasco Barbosa Contest
    Maria Reis Sá – 1st prize for youth category Violin Video Vídeo

  • 2019 – Paços Premium Contest
    Bernardo Loureiro – 1st prize category E cello
    Rita Reis Sá – 2nd category C cello prize 

  • 2019 – Bundeswettbewerb – Halle (Saale) / Alemanha
    Daniel Barros – 3rd prize category AG IV violin

  • 2018 – Fundão Contest 
    Rita Reis Sá – 1st prize category III cello 
    Francisca Jesus – 2nd prize category III cello 

Monthly payments

Choose the most suitable for you


  • 30 min. lesson (online or presencial)


  • Individual lesson of 15 min.
  • Group lesson of 30 min.


  • Individual lesson of 30 min.
  • Group lesson of 60 min.