Shared Curriculum


1. The curriculum consists of a weekly instrument class of 30 minutes. Skills in instrumental execution of the chosen instrument will be developed, as well as training with melodic and rhythmic exercises. 
2. Instrument classes will be taught together with at least one other student of similar age. 
3. The learning of the instrument will follow the standards demanded by A Pauta, in which the monitoring by one of the parents or guardian in all classes is mandatory. He or she will monitor the   student’s work at home. 
4. The teaching methodology used will be the Suzuki Method. 
5. Students can participate in the recitals, as well as in the mentioned annual concert of A Pauta. 
6. After finishing this one-year course, the student continues his studies by entering the traditional curriculum of the school at no extra cost. 
7. At any time and if agreed between parents and teachers, the group can be disbanded and students can switch to an individual curriculum. 
8. Students enrolled in this modality cannot abandon teachin in the middle of the year, as they may jeopardise the continuity of the group. Therefore, the whole annual tuition fees payment falls due. 
9. As with the procedure followed with all students of A Pauta, the teacher reserves the right to invite the student to leave us, in case no individual work at home is identified. In this situation, the registration, or last due monthly fees will not be refunded. 

Access Conditions 
This curriculum is intended for all children over 30 months old, teenagers and adults. In the case of the cello, it will also depend on the child’s heightThe start of classes will depend on the availability of 1 more student of similar age, so they can start learning by sharing the same pieces in class. 
Admission can take place throughout the year, provided the access conditions are met. 
The maximum duration of this curriculum is one academic year ending at the end of July of the academic year in which the classes started.